To guarantee our customers a steady level of a high quality standard, an exact selection of raw goods and suppliers takes place. Furthermore the observance of the standards is guaranteed by quality management and assurance of HACCP. Inspection of incoming goods, rapid handling, filet production without antiode bulge raps, transillumination of single filets, Guarantee for a cooling chain and a fast flexible transportation are just parts of the activities we choose to ensure a perfect and high-qualitiy product for our customers.

Know how
Johann Steinhauer & Carl Specht GmbH was founded in 1932.

Great experience and short decision ways make us a flexible and innovative company. The everday talk and exchange with our customers, exact knowledge of goods through purchase during the local auction and the active work of management and sales manager in the production are the basic elements which we offer and which make us different to other offerer. For self-fetcher we guarantee a supply for the goods „right-on-time“.

 Product specifications
 We deliver at your service:

 ·        Handcut and stripped filet
Machine-cut and stripped filet
 ·        sorted by size
 ·        Portions
 ·        prepared for kitchen

Packaging & delivery

3 kg, 5 kg and 10 kg polytyrene packaging, foil and „ice on top“
3 kg, 5 kg and 10 kg re-usable packaging (MTP), foil and „ice on top“


We supply bulk customers, whole- and retail sale all over Germany. Delivery within the European Union is possible.